Amtrans International Transport merges with Ascer Logistic

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 With greatpleasure,Amtrans International Transport and Ascer Logistic announce to customers, suppliers and friends, the merger of our companies. 
   After 7 years in the shipping market and achieving the mark of 8,000 TEUs shipped during the last 12 months, Amtrans International Transport takes control of all Ascer Logistic operations. Ascer has achieved the mark of about 2,500 TEUs shipped during the last 12 months. This strategic merger has as the main goal to make AMTRANS the leading transport company in the competitive ceramic wall tiles market.   
   Ascer Logistics has always had the tiles market as their main focus. From March 2008 on, they will continue offering their good service under the Amtrans name. 
   Amtrans has a branch in Limeira town (SP), which is located right in the ceramic region of Santa Gertrudes, near biggest tiles exporters in São Paulo state. Besides that, Amtrans’ main office in Itajaí is very close to the ceramic region of Criciúma, in the south of Brazil. 
   Using Ascer’s knowledge and experience, generated after 4 years working on the tiles market, Amtrans expects to increase export volume 20% during the next 12 months. This will be possible through joining the numbers from ASCER with the shipments AMTRANS already has in the south of Brazil. 
   For Mr. Jackson Wolff, Amtrans’ Commercial Director, this merger represents "an immediate growth in volume. Also, this is a great strategy to improve the level of service inside the tiles market, since AMTRANS will be able to understand better the clients and offer services to new destinations”. 
   Mr. Milton Junior will be the responsible for the tiles market inside Amtrans. He will be working in the Limeira branch office. 
   For Mr William Baptista, Amtrans’ Limeira branch manager, this new period "will make the negotiations faster.  Besides that,  AMTRANS will be able to ship a bigger mix of goods from the São Paulo Market".